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RC Receiver Recorder II Troubleshooting Jaw Feature

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  • RC Receiver Recorder II Troubleshooting Jaw Feature


    I just received the new Receiver/Recorder II board and got it successfully connected to the DIY RC Controller for movement. I'm trying to get the Jaw movement working with the demo track, but it seems to have an issue. When I press play with a servo connected to S8, no movement happens. I checked the servo limits, and they're set to the same as S1 which I was able to move the same servo to for movement testing using the controller (to check if it was a servo issue). I then cross referenced the example SD card servo settings from the Github (but the version there is 3.x and I noticed mine is 4.x, is there a new repo I should reference?) and noticed the smaller range for S8 (10,60,20,0) so I made that change, but still no movement. I also noticed no TRACK_1.txt file on my card, so I moved that there, but still nothing. I also tried powering the servos separately and adjusting the jumpers. That didn't work either.

    I also noticed that after the track finishes, it doesn't restart. I thought it would loop after 30 seconds by default. Another thing I noticed is that while the demo recording is playing, the red LED (D3) flashes 7 times. Is that an error code? Is there a lookup table for something like that? Or maybe an updated guide for the new version of the board? Thanks!


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    Oh, I forgot to ask, what are the new servo parameters (POT endpoints) for? Thanks!

    (Sorry, I'm very excited to get started with this board)
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      We're still sorting through all of the documentation and files and hope to have all of it available in a few days.

      The files that are included on the card, do not have the test sequence on it but on playback you should see servo 1 wiggle while the jaw sync servo moves.

      The version 3 files on our Github repo are not compatible with the new boards and we will be adding a new set shortly. If you didn't save what was on the card before you tried the v3 files, email me at [email protected] and I can send you a fresh copy. Your playback issues and red blinking LED error code are related to this.

      The best way to see the jaw sync with the test audio file is to press the record button and let it play through the sound file. The jaw will move from there.

      The new pot servo parameter is to limit the amount of travel for the pots. For example if you just want to flick the joystick up but don't want it to register any of the down movement.

      Thanks for your understanding while we get the documentation all sorted out!



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        I created the Github repo with new versions of the SD card files.



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          Awesome! I’ll try that out, thanks!


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            That did it! Just replaced the files and it worked. Thanks again!