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0002 Sound File cutting short

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  • 0002 Sound File cutting short

    I just recently set up the sound board to the Receiver Recorder and have been having issues where the 0002 sound file only plays ~13secs before cutting out.

    I replaced the included 0002 sound file with a custom one that I made (which is over 2 mins long).
    When I power the board the 0001 file plays as normal but when I hit the "play" button on the PCBa, the 0002 file only plays ~13seconds of audio and then cuts out and starts playing the 0001 background music.

    Not sure what settings I need to change for it to play the entire 0002 file.

    Any thoughts? I am thinking it may have to do with the original 0002 file that I replaced (since the length of the original file is ~12 seconds long). I have tried different files and it is the same issue (cut out at ~13 seconds). Also I replaced the MP3s in order first copying the 0001 file then the 0002 file..

    As a side note there is a TRACK_1.txt file that I am not sure what is used for, is it related to this? Do I need to edit this? I can't find anything about it in the docs.


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    I'm happy to help!

    Since you have replaced the MP3 files with your own, you will need to record a sequence to the card that is at least as long as your 2 min+ MP3 file. The sequence is stored on the Receiver Recorder SDcard as TRACK_1.txt

    To record a new sequence; with your Controller turned on, press the record button on the Receiver Recorder and let a sequence record while your MP3 file plays. You do not need to press any buttons or move the joysticks/slidepots on the Controller. When playback of your MP3 file ends, press the record button again. This will record a sequence to the card and will now allow the jawsync to run for the length of the MP3 file.

    Please let me know if you need any additional help.



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      Thanks for the help and quick response! It’s playing the entire file now.

      Another question, Is there a way to auto play the 0002 file once power is given to the board? From what I understand you can either press the “play” button on the PCBa or use a controller. But is there a way to initiate the playback automatically once the board is powered on?


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        There is a way for the playback to happen on power up.

        You would need to jumper the TRIGL Yellow pin to the TRIGL black pin (Ground) and modify the config.txt file to enable the trigger ( - Section 7.5) You also can set an initial delay before the playback starts (Section 7.6) as well as a delay between playback repeats (Section 7.7)