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Error Codes- Red Flashing LED

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  • Error Codes- Red Flashing LED

    Just curious as to what the various red LED flashings mean on the Koci/Addicore Receiver/Recorder with sound module board.

    I've only had the red LED flash once and it's because I messed up the config file. I just reloaded a fresh version of the config file and it worked fine.. the red light went out.

    I saw an another text that if it flashes eight times that means that the config file is corrupt. Are there any other flash sequences that we need to know about?
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    Hi...LG TVs don't have flicker codes. Just Panasonic, Sony and the more established Sharps (non-Hisense). Both LG and Samsung front LEDs might flicker while booting. LG UH series might flicker after security closure from awful LEDS.