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Boffintronics Recorder Sound Add-On Module background and narration voice tracks

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  • Boffintronics Recorder Sound Add-On Module background and narration voice tracks

    The sound add-on board coding appears to only support a single 0001_ background and 0002_ voice narration audio track. Is there a plan to add support for maybe ten audio tracks each? and separate the background and narration audio tracks in different folders on the DFPlayer Mini SDcard?
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    Yes, we are planning to add additional support for additional audio clips in a future version of the receiver recorder code. The number of clips, how they are triggered, and how they are organized on the SD Card have yet to be completely defined. We are open to suggestions. How would you like to see this work?



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      All of my expectations for how audio files should be indexed and played are based on my experience with using the Haunted Hackers (Steve Bjork and Steve Koci) Wee Little Talker and Banshee Jr. boards. It was very simple to put your voice tracks in a \01 folder and any ambient tracks in a \03 folder on the SDCard in the DFPlayer Mini to have the file randomly played. The DFPlayer mini document defines usage of mp3 folder for long (ambient) audio files and advert folder for shorter (voice/narration) audio files. Maybe this method would could be used and is possible to support using the DFPlayer Mini Fast library.
      All I really care about is support for 5 or more voice and ambient audio files and that audio file can be indexed to play randomly.


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        The promise to add additional audio clips is long overdue on being fulfilled. I know it's technically impossible to increase audio clips support using the current ATmega32U4 hardware because the current Boffintronics_RC_Receiver_Recorder.ino code uses most of the 32K memory available, so adding code to support more audio tracks exceeds the available memory. Is it possible to create a recorder board based on a ATmega2560 with 256K of flash?