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red blinking light at startup

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  • red blinking light at startup

    Hello everyone. I have 5 recorders to install at this show. Two came up and worked fine. The other three have red blinking lights over the record button. Its a repeating long single pulse. Anyone else seen this? It wont let me do anything else.

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    It sounds like the SD card may have been corrupted by a loss of power (brown out) at some point.

    Replace your config.txt file with a fresh copy. You might also need to delete your track file and re-record it.

    Make sure you are running your servos off of a secondary power supply connected to the Aux servo power to prevent brown outs.



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      I followed your advice and did a format on the card. I then copied the contents of one of the working ones. I have no servos on it, just the power is connected. It still has a red blinking light. I appreciate your help though.


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        Can you try and take a SD card out of a working unit and put it in a non working one and see if that fixes it? That will let us know if it is a bad SD card or board.

        Also, when the red LED is blinking, press the reset button and see if it clears it.

        If you need me to send out out replacements, shoot me an email and I can get them out ASAP.