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High Speed Servo Stress Test using the Aux 5v power option

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  • High Speed Servo Stress Test using the Aux 5v power option

    Originally I was using the onboard 5v power regulator, however I started getting Servo Chatter and delays in the servo movement.
    The attached video shows the results of using the 5v Aux power.
    As you can see the servo response is very good there seems to be no delays and the servo chatter is gone.
    I ran for approx 2 min with continues movement of the 3 Axis servos and not in the video are 2 additional servo running (Jaw and Eyes).
    Total 5 high Speed servos running in almost continuous motion.
    Results of the Test "Power your Servos with the 5v Aux option".

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    Thank you for that!

    The onboard regulator is only good for 5V and just about 1A. We don't recommend running any more than 2 of the small blue micro servos off of it. What you were seeing is the voltage regulator going into its's overcurrent protection mode and interrupting the power resulting in chatter and delays.

    Servos requiring higher voltage or higher current should be run with a 2nd supply connected into the 5V Aux Power terminals.