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  • Board Test Success

    I've also been testing the board for a while, and I think what really sets it apart for me is how customizable it is. Both the controller and the receiver are Arduino-based, and the software is open source too. It works great out of the box, but if you have a project with a specific need, you can add on functionality as you see fit. Both the hardware and the code are very straightforward. I've already done a couple of experiments. I've successfully integrated another project, a DMX receiver, to the receiver board. Now I can trigger routines via DMX.

    Another experiment I did was sideloading a pirate skull sequence onto the onboard SD card; it was an interesting proof-of-concept that helped verify the timing accuracy of the tracks, and they were dead on. Below is a video of that test. The audio is from an external source, but all the servo movement (including jaw) is playing on the board. The skull is an older design than the ones I use currently, and is was fun taking it out for a test drive.

    I'm working on a new prop for this Halloween that I think this board will work well for. I'll post it when it's complete.