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Boffintronics RC Receiver Recorder Firmware - Version 2.1 - Released 8/24/2020

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  • Boffintronics RC Receiver Recorder Firmware - Version 2.1 - Released 8/24/2020

    Boffintronics RC Receiver Recorder Firmware - Version 2.1 - Released 8/24/2020
    • Added multi track recording
    • Added flash code version by pressing PGM & REC on power up
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed re-trigger after lockout bug when using digital I/O as trigger
      • Fixed digital output polarity bug

    Visit to download the latest code as well as the updated SD Card files.

    The Quick Start Guide has been updated to reflect the version 2.1 firmware. Quick Start Guide can be downloaded from the Resources section on the Boffintronics RC Receiver Recorder page at

    We also have a firmware upgrade instructional video available at

    New! Multi Track Mode

    What is Multi Track Mode? Multi Track breaks up the controller inputs into 4 separate tracks that can be recorded independently but played back simultaneously.

    For example, if you record the left joystick as track 1 you can then record the movements for the right joystick while track one plays. This can allow you to coordinate complex movements that use all of the RC Controller inputs.

    Using Multi Track Mode

    If you already have a track recorded on the card it will become track 1, the master track. Or you can record a new one in multi track mode.

    To enter multi track mode, press and hold the 'PGM' button then press and release the 'REC' button.

    The blue LED (above the 'PGM' button) will flash the track to record. Repeated pressing of the 'PGM' button advances through tracks 1 to 4.

    Track 1 = Left joystick
    Track 2 = Right joystick
    Track 3 = Left & Right slide pots
    Track 4 = Buttons

    Pressing the 'REC' button starts recording the track indicated by the flashing blue LED. Both the green and red LEDs will flash, recording starts on the third flash.

    Recording track 1 terminates with a press of the 'REC' button, just as in single track mode.

    Recording tracks 2 through 4 terminate when track 1 finishes playing.

    Pressing the 'PLAY' button will play track 1 plus any new tracks that have been recorded. Any tracks that have not been recorded will default to what was recorded with track 1.

    To exit Multi Track mode and return to real-time mode, press and hold the PGM button for three seconds.