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Arduino IDE can't communicate with Receiver Recorder board

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  • Arduino IDE can't communicate with Receiver Recorder board

    Need help getting the IDE COM port setup so that I can upgrade the firmware on my 2.0 board to 3.1.

    I have the code compiling after watching the firmware upgrade video but can't get the COM port setup.
    • I've tried all kinds of drivers but can't get one to work. I tried auto discover options as well as manual drivers from the Arduino/drivers folder.
    • Tried 4 different cables.
    • my Windows 10 machine is HP Spectre 360
    • A real Arduino gets auto-discovered and assigned a COM port without issues.
    • I tried my USB A and USB C ports.

    attached is a screenshot of the device manager where i can see my manual installation of a Leonardo driver and the auto-discovered one. neither one is recognized by the Arduino IDE.

    Where can I get a driver that will work with my machine and this board?


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    Let me see if I can help!

    The driver that the Receiver Recorder needs is the stock Arduino Leonardo driver that is installed with the Arduino IDE.

    When you plug the board in, do you hear the Windows add device notification sound?



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      When I manual install the stock driver, I get a COM port assigned but see an exclamation mark in the device driver. when i check the properties I see "This device cannot start. (Code 10)

      The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device."

      When I let windows do an auto discover, I don't hear or see the Windows notification for new hardware but I do see the entry in the device manager "other devices" but since it is not assigned to a COM port and I can't figure out how to add the Leonardo driver, its not usable. I tried "update driver" and pointed to drivers directory but not found.

      I'm gonna try another laptop.


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        Do you have another Receiver Recorder that you can try? That would help us determine of it is the computer or the board.

        Checking it on another computer is also a good idea. It's possible that the drivers ended up messed up somehow during install.



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          Problem solved!
          A second computer had the same behavior.
          I found some additional cables and after my 6th or 7th cable, finally got one that worked! Windows discovered the board and then the Arduino IDE had no problems with the upload.

          This board is now ready for a sound board.

          thanks for the support!


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            We're finding that a lot of manufactures are cutting costs and bundling charge only cables if their products don't need the data lines. I have a stack of them here and have run into the same problems you just had.

            Good to hear it is now working!