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    Have the Koci rcvr/rcdr - sound combo; updated firmware on rcvr/rcdr board, verified. Have sound playing back but no servo S8 movement. When controller on, only S1 through S6 working, S7 and S8 pin my servo to one side. Modified SP8 in config file, no longer pins servo but, still no movement/control. Any ideas?

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    Since it seems like you are upgrading an older Receiver Recorder, did you copy the config.txt and TRACK_1.txt file to the SD Card? You will need to copy the files from here -

    They are the ones to support the sound board.



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      Hi Andre,
      Yes, the bd was V2.1 Upgraded to V3.1 and I just checked and there is a TRACK_1.txt file with a date of 8/25/20! Just copied the revised/updated one and retried the board, got servo movement with the mp3. but still can't control it manually, only S1 through S6, not S7 or S8. Maybe I am misunderstanding and S7-S8 only work with the sound bd?
      Thank you for getting me this far!


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        Ah, now I know what you are wanting to do! Due to the limited inputs on the controller, servos 7 and 8 are only available in multitrack recording mode. But when the sound board is enabled, S8 will always be controlled by the sound board.

        You can record S7 using track record mode and recording on track 5. You will use the left slide pot for S7.

        Take a look at our Setup Guide for more information -

        The multitrack recording instructions are on page 3 and the track/servo/input layout is on page 10.

        Let me know if you have any more questions.



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          Light bulb moment! Thank you so much.