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Out of the box set up not working?

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  • Out of the box set up not working?

    I've got my 6v power supply hooked up, the green led is on, and I've powered up the remote and plugged in the servo into S1 and am not getting any response? I also tried switching out servos but no luck. What have I missed?

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    It might be the servo power jumpers. If you are not going to run a secondary power supply to drive the servos, you will need to move the jumpers to the VS5 position. That will run the servos off of the internal voltage regulator.

    The most that regulator can supply is 5V at around 1A. If you have more than one servo, or they require more voltage or current, you will need to have the jumpers in the SVin position and provide a secondary power source to the SVin and GND screw terminals.



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      All the jumpers are in the VS5 position, and thus far I can't get even the 1 servo plugged into S1 to respond. I checked the servo on a tester and it's working so the servo is good.. Do I need to up my power supply to 9v? Currently, it's 6v.


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        Hi, Alex here. I'm taking over from Andre to help you get up and running.

        With the Remote turned off and the Receiver Recorder on, what happens when you press the play button?



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          The board is not responding at all now. I've hooked it up to 2 different power sources, a 6v AA pack and a 9v pack, I've cycled fresh batteries twice in each pack test and the green indicator doesn't light up. The board also heated up quickly, as did the batteries in all instances. The remote was turned off per your instructions.


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            I sent you an email to the address on your order. Lets communicate there.