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  • Strange sequence timing

    I received the DIY Controller(pre-assembled), as well as three of the receiver recorders, but I am having some strange things happen when recording my track(s). As for the setup, I am only using the controller (EXB3 & EXB4) to trigger relays for my pneumatic halloween prop, while simultaneously using EXB1 to switch on my MP3 player for an audio track, all of which are being recorded on track 4. Realizing that track 1 apparently needs some type of input from the controller to set the timing, I pressed record on track 1 and proceeded to move around both the left and right joysticks until I was satisfied with the length of time for the track. Just to make sure this was the right length for track 1, I played my mp3 file on another device, stopping the track at the end of my mp3 file. Keep in mind that I have no servos connected. I was only doing this on track 1 so that it would set the timing and allow me to record my button/toggle switch sequence on track 4. I then moved past tracks 2 and 3, recording my button sequence on track 4 while triggering the mp3 via the left toggle switch.

    Here's where things get strange. When playing back the sequence that I just recorded on track 4, the button sequence appears to finish ahead of the end of the audio track, which was synced up during recording. I have a monster groaning on the mp3 file, so I used the left and right center buttons to trigger the pneumatic cylinders on my groundbreaker prop to be in sync with the groaning. Upon playback, you hear the audio track playing, yet it's as though the button sequence speeds up, causing the audio track and pneumatic prop movements to be out of sync...with the prop movements finishing 7-10 seconds before the audio ends. Again, when recording my track 1, I played this same mp3 file on my computer so that I would know when to cut track it doesn't appear to be ill timing with the mp3 file.

    I realize we don't yet have the "onboard" capability to play mp3/audio files, but with the switch for the external mp3 being turned on at the beginning of the sequence and the button sequence being synced to the groaning while recording, I can't understand what's happening here for these things to be out of sync on playback. I attempted this more than once, with similar results each time.

    Any suggestions on how to make this work or what's going on?

    Thanks in advance for your time and efforts!


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    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for posting. We really appreciate the feedback, it helps us build better products.

    We have had a report of a similar occurrence but I haven't been able to reproduce it in the lab. I have a couple questions that may help us clarify what's going on.

    1. How long is the total sequence?

    2. Did you recorded track 1 in multi track mode or single track mode (no blue LED)?

    3. Have you tried a different SD card?

    The last one may sound funny but we had an issue early on where the playback speed was altered by cards branded Kingmax.