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Recorder/Receivers will not link to transmitters

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  • Recorder/Receivers will not link to transmitters

    I just bought 3 tx and 6 rec/rec. When I power up the Rec/rec the green light goes on. When I turn on the remote the light is supposed to go off according to the tutorial I saw. The green light just stays on and the rec/rec does nothing. What am I missing. It seems like the video tutorial is on just the RX not the rec/rec. I have tried all 3 TX and all of the rec/rec. Also, how do you check frequencies on the rec/rec? Thanks for your help.

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    It looks like you were looking at the tutorial for the Receiver instead of the Receiver Recorder. Take a look at the Quick Start Guide and Hookup Diagrams in the resources section here

    The only way to check / change the channel on the Receiver Recorder is to edit the config.txt file on the SD Card. The procedure is described in the Quick Start Guide.

    There also is a video that Steve Koci posted that runs through the basics of recording a sequence (

    Let me know if you have any more questions.



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      Thanks for the quick reply!! Turns out the power supply was not providing the required power. Everything is working great. Thank you!


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        When you get a project up and running, be sure to share it to the Look What I Made section on the forum. It is always good to see what others are building.

        Have fun!