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Installing sound board add-on module

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  • Installing sound board add-on module

    I already own several of the RC receiver recorders, so I recently purchased three of the new sound board add-on modules, thinking they were plug and play. I am not an "electronics guy," so can someone explain how I am supposed to install these as a plug-in accessory, when there are no posts on which to install the new module. I see where it's supposed to be installed, but am I going to need to solder? If this is the case, I feel as though this wasn't advertised correctly as a plug-in accessory. Thank you for your time and thoughts!


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    I am really sorry that you are having problems with the Receiver Recorders and the Sound Boards.

    The very first batches of the Receiver Recorders that we built did not have the green headers installed. At that time we did not have any plans to use that connector. Once we realized that we would need them for the new Sound Board we began to install the headers on the Receiver Recorders. Based on your order dates, you have some of the early built Receiver Recorders.

    If you would like, I can send you a shipping label for you to send your boards back to Addicore where I can install the headers on the boards as well as upgrade the code for you. This would be at no cost to you.

    Please contact me off forum ([email protected]) so I can begin the RMA process.



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      My apologies for being several days getting back with you. That is certainly no problem at all...just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something. I sincerely appreciate the offer to bring these boards up to speed and I will get with you to start the process.

      I thank you for always having been prompt with your responses, Andre!