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Joystick Extensions - Better Control

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  • Joystick Extensions - Better Control

    Here's a little tip if you want to improve the accuracy of the joysticks on the controller. I added these 5" extensions that really improve the puppeteering process dramatically . Instead of relying on your thumbs to move the small knobs, you now have a larger throw that smooths out the motions.

    I did it by by drilling a small hole in the end of a 5 in long (1/4 inch diameter) dowel. I then inserted 18 gauge wire and secured it with super glue. The end was clipped off leaving about 1/2" exposed.

    I gently popped the knobs off the controller revealing a stub with a hole. The new rod assembly is simply inserted into the stub on the controller.

    if you need the knobs reattached you simply pull the rods out and snap the knobs back on.
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